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Hello I am a 29 year old single mother of three girls ages 9, 7 and 4 this year has not

Cecemomof3 started this conversation
Hello I am a 29 year old single mother of three girls ages 9, 7 and 4 this year has not been the best for us as we are currently homeless due to the place we called home is being remodeled and the owner gave us little to no time to find another apartment and with rent and deposit so high there was really nothing I could do. We are currently staying from one place to another at friends house, and my girls sometimes stay with there dad when he is able to take them with him. It hurts to see myself and daughters like this, I feel like I have failed as a mother to have a safe place to for us all to stay, but I know and pray that god has a plan for us and is making me stronger day by day, I currently started school to get my GED and Finish school to give my daughters a better future.
and now that I have a lot of time while my girls are all in school I can make more progress in life. I have always shown everyone around me how happy I am and what a great mother I have been for my daughters, I am going through a lot, financially aswell and with me being unemployed and not as much support from there father it hrts me to see myself in this situation that I never thought would happen to us. Now with the holidays coming up It hurts to hear my daughters asking to write a Christmas wish to santa. I am ineed of help if anyone can help my family this holiday season it would mean so much. My daughters need clothes, shoes We mostly send the rest of the day after school at the library so books to read and color would be helpful, and if you'd like any toys would be great aswell, I know we might not have a tree to call our own this year but aslong as we have each other food and clothing on our backs is what really matters right now. I need this load lightened and I know god doesn't give us more than can bear but I am not giving up hope, I pray god touches some ones heart to have compassion on us and help us in any way possible. Happy Holidays!!
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